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Financial questions
How to create an investment in a company?
Register your personal account and use the step-by-step instructions you will find in this account.
What currencies are used at investing?
You can invest TRON[TRX] You can use all wallet to register , Just need address Tron(TRX) Only! EXCHANGER HAVE Tron(TRX) Address ( Binance/Huobi/Hitbtc/Digi/Okex etc.) TronLink/Klever PC and Mobile App Tron(TRX) Wallet.
What should I do if I has not funds on payment systems available for investing to the company?
We provided the widest possible opportunities to use the most popular payment systems at the investing. You can use special exchange services to exchange your funds for the electronic currency you need.
Is it possible to earn money in a company without investments?
Yes, you can earn without investing using for that our partner programs.
After I create an investment, how quickly will the money be activated and my deposit will start to make profit to me?
All financial transactions are performs instantly.
What if the withdrawal was not made within the due date?
Any delays in payments that may, but do not have to occur arise only due to the fault of service providers (payment systems, hosting and other third-party service providers), as well as for reasons of force majeure. The company is not responsible for such delays.
If I created an investment using TRX, in what currency will I receive accruals?
You will receive accruals in the currency in which you created the investment. In your case you will get accruals in TRX.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 TRX.
In what mode are withdrawal requests processed?
All payments are made within Second.

Partner program questiona

Partner program
What is a Partner program?
This is a program that provides accrual and payment of partner reward to users whose invited partners have created investments in the investment program of company.
Is it possible to receive a reward for the promotion of the program as a whole?
Yes, it is. To do this, you need to make the most of the advertising materials provided to each user in their personal accounts. By increasing advertising efforts, you increase your partner potential and the amount of money earned.
For what number of deposits made by my partner, can I receive a partner reward?
Every time your partner creates a new investment, you will receive a partner reward.
If my partner created an investment using, for example, TRX, can I get a partner reward in the $ currency?
No. You will receive a partner reward in the same currency as your partner's deposit. In this case, you will get in TRX.
Does the amount of partner reward depend on which investment plan my partner chose to invest?
It is not depend from choozen investment plan.
When exactly will I receive a partner reward for an investment made by my partner?
You will receive a partner reward as soon as your partner creates an investment.
Can I change my upline?
Can I lose my partner link or can it be blocked?
No. Your partner link is permanently assigned to you and cannot be blocked or otherwise lost.
How can I use a partner link?
The partner link is intended to identify new members of the program as personally invited by you investors. Because by registering a personal account using your partner link, the system records any such user as your personally invited partner. Forever. That is why it is so important to be active and entrepreneurial by providing your partner link to as many people as possible. By doing so, you are significantly increasing your capacity and the size of your own partner structure.

General issues

The questions about work
How to create a personal account and access all features?
Just register on our website and you will be provided with all functions of the system automatically.
How secure is the website?
We have created an unbreakable website protection system that can withstand any malicious actions online. Among the measures aimed at the complete security of the website and users are the most modern SSL data encryption, powerful DDoS protection and multi-level firewall. We cannot mention some security methods here, because having this information can make it easier for attackers.
I see a significant increase in site attendance, an increase in investment and an overall increase in statistics. What is going on?
We are developing. What we are doing has a lively response among investors from all over the world. Therefore, the increase in the main investment indicators is a normal trend for our successfully developing company.
I followed all the rules, but I can not access the website. What am I doing wrong?
Change your browser and clear your cookies. If you are still having difficulty accessing the website, it means that unscheduled technical work, updates or additions are being performs on the website. Or there were difficulties hosting. Anyway, you do not have to worry. We are confident that the correct operation of the website will be restored in the very near future.
Can I change the TRON address which I specified at registration?
No, for the security of your account.
Can I exchange funds in my personal account?
No. We do not provide currency exchange services.
Do I obliged to provide any documents?
No, you do not have to.
What is the probability of losing access to the website?
It will depend only on you. If you lose your password, you have not be able to use your personal account. If you create more than one active account, you will also be denied access to your personal account. If you did not comply with the terms of investment or tried to maliciously affect the stability of the company in any way. These are the three main reasons.
Can I change my TRON Address?
Encrypted secure service on golden-tron.com Withdraw comes instantly on your Tron(TRX) Address as registered. Nobody can steal funds, or change Your Tron(TRX) Address on golden-tron.com.

Technical issues

Technical solutions
What is the customer support schedule?
Customer support works in online chat mode 24 hours 7 days a week.
How do you process customer requests to customer support?
We accept the request, check and review it, having provided it to the appropriate department. The client then receives a response no later than 48 hours after processing the request.
How will my personal information be used by the company?
All personal information provided by the user can be used by the company exclusively for fulfillment of obligations and investment activities.
Are my personal information safe?
Absolutely. The company does not under any circumstances disclose the personal data of customers to third parties and keeps all personal data of customers in full confidentiality.
Can the GOLDEN TRON be classified as HYIP?
Only in the sense of the amount of profit received by our customers, nothing more. Any other analogies are unacceptable to our entire team.
How is legal the activity of the company?
Absolutely. We fully comply with all the requirements of English law in terms of compliance with commercial transactions and payment of taxes.
Can I conclude an investment contract with the company?
Is it possible. In each case, the question of the contract will be decided individually.
Do I have to submit my income information to the tax service?
We cannot impose or otherwise put pressure on investors. Each client of the company makes his own decision to pay taxes or not.
Is GOLDEN TRON a financial pyramid?
No. Since we perform real activities and fully meet the criteria of the business entity.